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Shipping to Hawaii

Shipping to Hawaii is similar to international shipping, involving local pick up in the Continental US, transportation to the port, container shipping and local delivery in Hawaii.

We recommend that you take a few moments to fully understand the process of shipping to Hawaii and how prices are calculated. Remember, no matter what relocation service you will end up choosing, understanding all the processes and the way prices are calculated will put you in a better position to make sure everything is done just right.

Consolidation Shipping

No matter how large or small your shipment is, in most instances it will be shipped via container. Hawaii relocation services offer two types of services: partial shipments and full container shipments. If you have a small amount of items it makes no sense to ship them to Hawaii in a huge container which will remain half empty. It is important to understand that if you choose to ship via full container you will also pay for whatever empty space remains. That’s why Hawaii moving companies offer a consolidation service which allows you to share container space with other customers and significantly reduce costs.

Full Container Shipping

For larger shipments there are 20’ and 40’ containers available. When you use the full container service, it means that the movers will load it at your pick up location, seal the container and then ship it to the Islands.

There are many types of services you can choose from when it comes to container shipping, including full packing done by professional movers and combining shipping your vehicle and household goods in the same container.

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Hawaii Shipping will provide you offers only from companies that specifically specialize in shipping both small and large cargos to the islands.