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Shipping from Hawaii

Shipping to the mainland from Hawaii is done only by a few select companies and requires resources both in the islands and on the mainland. Hawaii shipping is offering quotes only from companies that have the ability to perform professional pick up services in Hawaii and professional delivery services in the mainland. This is something only a few companies can offer and a requirement that we have for joining the circle of elite shippers represented in this website.

About the Shipping Process

The move itself will involve a two part process: your household goods will first be shipped by sea and then transported to the mainland by truck. This means that the delivery part may take some time to be completed. Prepare yourself to spend some time without your goods and make sure you have temporary accommodations.

Shipping can be done in either full 20’ or 40’ containers. There is also an option to ship ‘consolidation’ which basically means sharing container space with other customers to reduce costs.

Preparing for your Relocation to the Mainland

Before rushing to send your furniture and vehicle to the mainland, make sure that you receive several estimates and check if the price of shipping is lower than the price of purchasing new furniture in the mainland. Make sure that you do not spend more on shipping than what your goods are really worth.

Make sure that you do not place any important documents, such as a driver’s license, a passport or any medicine that you may need inside the container.

Make sure that you plan your schedule carefully and always remember that it will take a few weeks before you will receive your goods. This means that you can schedule your pick up in Hawaii a few weeks before you actually arrive in the mainland.