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Hawaii Moving Quotes

Getting a quote for a move to Hawaii or an international move is not as complicated as it may sound. Don’t get us wrong, shipping goods via container is a complicated process which involves many stages, but this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be presented in a simple and easy to understand way.

Different Kinds of Quotes

If you contact several moving service providers, you will be presented with different kinds of quotes, using different pricing systems. You will hear a lot of different stories about how and why full and partial container loads should be priced, but all pricing will be based on a very simple principle – you either pay a set price for a full container load, or a price based on the actual space your goods will take on a consolidation container.

Full Container Quotes

Most Hawaii and international shipments are sent via 20’ or 40’ containers. There are several possibilities for full container quotes. Variations include full packing and complete loading services, self-packing, self-loading, door to door and door to port. When you receive a full container quote you will be presented with a set price and the container will be dedicated exclusively for your use.

Partial Container Quotes

Most partial container quotes will be based on the actual space your shipment will take on a larger 20’ or 40’ container. This type of quote is suitable for smaller shipments. The advantage of partial shipping quotes is that they can offer cost effective solutions for small to medium shipments. Remember that if you order a large container for a small shipment, you end up paying for the empty space you will not be using. Partial shipments can also be shipped in sealed crates for maximum security.